H2U & Farmers’ Co-operative Agree on Collaboration to Build Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia Industry on the Eyre Peninsula

Australian hydrogen infrastructure developer The Hydrogen Utility Pty Ltd (H2U) and Eyre Peninsula Cooperative Bulk Handling (EPCBH) announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore collaboration opportunities for the development of the Green Ammonia and Green Hydrogen industry on the Eyre Peninsula.

The MOU outlines the intentions of H2U and EPCBH to jointly investigate the feasibility of using locally produced green hydrogen and green ammonia, including the EPCBH’s involvement on the production, offtake and distribution of sustainable fertiliser and fuel products on the Eyre Peninsula.

The MOU also covers collaborating on the potential for further renewable energy development, attracting research and development opportunities to the region and developing local employment and training initiatives.  H2U will lead system and infrastructure design and co-ordinate collaborations with leading technology partners to develop supply chain solutions for sustainable fuels and fertilisers.

EPCBH will liaise and interface with the farming community to identify and develop the interest in the adoption of green ammonia for fertiliser applications and green hydrogen for transport fuel and machinery.

H2U’s initial Eyre Peninsula Gateway™ project, a major regional economic development, will be the first, export-oriented green hydrogen and ammonia manufacturing facility in Australia, utilizing 100% renewable energy from solar and wind developments in South Australia.

Dr Attilio Pigneri, Founder and CEO of H2U commented “Working with EPCBH enhances our commitment to leverage the Eyre Peninsula Gateway™ project as a catalyst for developing regional opportunities that benefit the wider Eyre Peninsula community.

Tim Scholz, CEO of EPCBH commented “Working with H2U enables EPCBH to plan for decarbonised fuel and fertiliser products to support greening of our farming and logistics operations.  This will enhance the value of the agricultural production on the Eyre Peninsula in a commodity market where differentiation and price enhancement is often difficult. Our members also see this collaboration as creating the opportunity for green hydrogen as an onfarm fuel in the not too distant future.”  



For further information, please contact:


EPCBH | Chief Executive Officer – Tim Scholz | 0400 756 264 | admin@epcbh.com.au

H2U | Executive Director – Commercial & Strategy

The Hydrogen Utility Pty Ltd | 0418 129 426 | tristram@hydrogenutility.com

Memorandum of Understanding announced Eyre Peninsula, South Australia | 23 September, 2021

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